Working Groups

Current Group

The current working group began as the Growing Brave Conference Committee but their scope has expanded to include much more work beyond the conference. Members include

  • Leslie Gossett, Chair (Northern California USA)
  • Laura Burnham (Los Angeles, CA USA)
  • Tracy Suchocki (Boulder, CO USA)
  • Steve Sachs (Boulder, CO USA)
  • Marcelle Gilkerson (Columbus, OH USA)
  • Nicole Wolf (Boulder, CO USA)
  • Marisa Montagna (Boulder, CO USA)

Past Groups

There have been many formations of groups and committees doing this good work. The most recent group was an international working group which laid the groundwork for this website with their wiki page and their resource guide. The members of that group included

  • Liesbeth Scholten & Harald Ronge (co-chairpersons, Netherlands)
  • Bridgette O’Neill & Tim Coxon (Brighton, United Kingdom)
  • Dita Kemp (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Kerstin Martin (Halifax, Canada)
  • Laura Burnham (Los Angeles, California, United States)
  • Susan Williams (Halifax, Canada)
  • Tracy Suchocki (Burlington, Vermont, United States)

We do not have accurate information for other past groups, and we would love to list them here! If you were part of a group, or know more about one, please do email us!

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