Please donate to the project

Please consider giving to Families and Children in Shambhala

Our Children are ready, eager and open to receive the blessings of Shambhala, the lineage of warriorship.  With unshakable confidence in Basic Goodness, they will continue to radiate gentleness and wisdom.  May they meet the ever increasing challenges of the world with respect for humanity, never giving up on anything or anyone.

It is time to gather teachers, leaders, parents and children to ensure the young inheritors of Shambhala have a clear and powerful path of warrior training.  Thus, a conference, Growing Brave: Families and Children in Shambhala will be held at the Boulder Shambhala Center, October 6th -9th, 2017, led by Acharya Adam Lobel and Sangyum Wendy Friedman who will teach and facilitate and co-create possibilities with all who attend.

Your donation will enable the conference to unfold with financial integrity and provide scholarships to the conference for all who wish to attend. Our goal is to raise 21k. This generosity could provide the resources we need for this conference and the foundation to begin supporting families and children initiatives throughout the mandala.

Our deepest wish is that everyone in Shambhala would make a gesture of support and encouragement by making a small donation of $10, that will go far and wide!  Those who are inspired to give more will ensure great benefit to continue flourishing for generations to come.

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