A Path for Families and Children

The path of practice and programs for families and children in Shambhala is rich and vast. From Shambhala inspired schools, to parenting groups, to family retreats, to household practice, there are many ways to connect to what Shambhala has to offer.


Extensive resources for teachers and centers to offer programs, covering everything from starting a program, to specific curriculums, to volunteer training,  to waiver and release form templates  are located more.


The Shambhala teachings emphasize household as path.

Shambhala Arts

  • Kyudo
  • Calligraphy
  • Miksang
  • Ikebana
  • Drumming
  • Sword

Growing Brave Video Series

Video recordings of the following talks and conversations are available on Shambhala Online:

  • The View – Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel
  • What is Offered Now – Tracy Suchocki
  • Starting a Program – Laura Burnham
  • Parenting as Path – Acharya David Schneider
  • Education of a Warrior – Steve Sachs


There are many kinds of programs to look for, including

  • Families and children, and teen programs at your local Shambhala Center
  • Families and childrens and teens programs at Land Centers
  • Shambhala Arts programs
  • Shambhala Levels for Teens


Shambhala Times

In addition to our blog, The Shambhala Times has had many articles about families and children, notably:

Shambhala is for all ages

Shambhala Schools

There are currently several schools operating from the ground of Shambhala Vision. Read more about them on their websites.

Past and Future

Programs for children and families have a long history in Shambhala.  You may need to create or start a program for families and children yourself.


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