Shambhala Families and Children Curricula

Here you can find information about how to create and offer various programs at your center or group. Please check back often as we add and update resources regularly.

Starting a Program

If you currently do not offer family programming at your group or center, but want to get started, there are many resources to help. First, read the first section of the Resource Guide (link) for an in depth look at how to begin. Second, host a community meeting to gather your sangha and find out who is interested in supporting you, what is needed, and how you will proceed. The Resource Guide spells out the details quite thoroughly.

Bodhi School

The vision for Bodhi School includes implementing progressive programming for young people ages 5 and up to experience the basic view, forms, stories and teachings of the Shambhala path. Click here for more information.

Nyida Days

These are the holidays we celebrate in Shambhala. These holidays can include family-friendly celebrations!  They are on the solstices and equinoxes, with the addition of the lunar new year (losar) which happens in February or March.

Click here for more information.

Extended Resource Guides

These guides are available to members only so you need to log on with your Shambhala ID.

Volunteer Training

Sometimes it is difficult to find teachers to lead the children and families programs. It is good to find people who have experience on the Shambhala Training Path, who have a regular meditation practice, and are trusted community members. Individual centers can decide to have all children’s teachers undergo a fingerprint clearance/ background check. Centers can also offer a Volunteer Training based on the prototype used in Northern California. You can see the outline here.

Rites of Passage

This special program, for children ages 8-10, marks the transition children begin to make from being solely family-centered to becoming important individual members of their community. Through sitting meditation, kyudo (Zen archery), haiku, nature hikes, calligraphy, and other meditative arts, Rites of Passage gives children powerful tools to help them care for their own mind and emotions. These tools also empower them to relate to their internal and external worlds with confidence and gentleness. At the week’s end, this transformative program is sealed with a powerful ceremony in which the children take a vow of mindfulness and kindness towards themselves and others. An official ROP manual is currently being developed through the Office of Culture and Decorum. Please check back for updates and publication.

Parenting as Path

These classes and gatherings are a way to support parents in connecting with one another and discussing what it means to bring our practice into parenting. Click here for information.

Family Sundays

Some centres hold Family Sundays on a regular basis, e.g. once a month. Family Sundays can provide an opportunity for parents to practice, with childcare or an organized program for children on site, and may include potlucks and social time as well.

Parents can join other meditators for sitting in the shrine room while their children take part in activities in another room. Children can also join in the morning chants, help play the drum and ring the gong, and sit for a few moments before departing with their peers and teachers for their own activities. Click here for more information.

Waiver and Release Form Template

Laws are different city to city. Find out how to operate legally and responsibly in your location. Be sure to have emergency contact information, allergy information, and parent permission whenever you host children apart from parents. It’s also important to get photo permission before sharing or publishing photos of children taken during programs.

Here is a PDF version of a waiver template based on one used in California.

Contact list – Leaders by Discipline

  • Shambhala Arts
  • Shambhala Sun Camp
  • Family Camp
  • Social Meditation
  • Ziji Collective


Contacts – Teachers by Category

  • Children’s Programs
  • Teen Programs
  • Shambhala Training for Young People
  • Rite of Passage Teachers
  • Family Camp Teachers
  • Sun Camp Wisdom Holders


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