Programs for Families and Children

Finding a program is as easy as searching on your local center’s website, a land center’s website, or by going to this page and selecting your region in the first field, and selecting Children/Families in the second field before entering the search. Below are some of the commonly offered programs.

Kids walking to the Great StupaPrograms for Families and Children

  • Bodhi School, a Shambhala education program
  • Children’s Day, a December Solstice Celebration
  • Children’s Blessing
  • Rites of Passage (8-10 year olds)
  • Family Sundays
  • Parenting as Path Classes
  • Parent Discussion Group
  • Shambhala Café
  • Practice and Playgroup
  • Family Potlucks
  • Teen groups

Land Center Programs

Programs at the Shambhala land centers are rich ways for families and children to connect to the energy of our magical retreat spaces. Programs are offered year- round, and many land centers also offer childcare concurrent with other retreats and offerings. Click on the land center links below to be directed to the program pages for each land center.

Some programs offered include:

  • Family Camp for all ages (offering Rites of Passage for 8-10 year olds)
  • Shambhala Sun Camp starting at age 10 (offering Cadet Command Workshop and Rites of Warriorship for 16-21 year olds)
  • Special Programs and Events such as Family Weekends, Spring Break Retreat, Holiday Celebrations and more are frequently offered at land centers

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