Welcome to the Hub for Shambhala Families and Children


Shambhala Families and Children’s Programming is about engaging as a community, whether we have children or not, to support the future of our society. Together, we can create a space for children and parents to connect to their own goodness, wisdom, kindness, and strength.

Programs for Families

Shambhala offers an array of rich programs for families and children all over the world. You can search for programs by topic and location.

SHARING WISDOM SERIES about Families and Children

If you are interested in a the changing needs of families and children in our society (within and beyond Shambhala) you are invited to co-create a monthly town hall meeting on the second Saturday of each month, The initial call was inspired by curiosity and insight of Leslie Gossett and hosted by Amy Turino. New facilitators and hosts self-select each month around the questions that emerge during the call or in our communities around what we want to learn together.

October 5th with Leslie Gossett:
“How do we work with children around boundaries while still communicating inherent trust? How do we cultivate safety for our children without crushing sacredness?”

November 14th with Gala Narezo:
“How do we create sanctuary of innocence for our children within the context of our dominant culture?”

December 14th at 12pm Eastern Time
(to be announced)


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