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THE SHAMBHALA Families and Children Hub


This website project would not be possible without the immense generosity of the Shambhala Trust and it’s members. Their generous financial support has brought to fruition this very important platform for connecting with each other around the future of the Shambhala Lineage. You can visit their website to see the other projects they generously support. Many thanks!


Shambhala vision is rooted in the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness, or inherent worthiness. Children are naturally connected to this basic nature, and Shambhala nurtures and cultivates this connection. When we are in touch with this natural kindness, strength, and radiance, we can relate with our world with more bravery and authenticity. When parents and families cultivate these qualities, they can develop deeper more genuine relationships. (more)

Working Groups

The Families and Children Working Group is part of the governance structure of Shambhala International. Along with other mandala-wide working groups on community issues (Aging, Diversity, Accessibility and Disability, Young Sangha, Touching the Earth), the Families and Children Working Group is held within the Office of Societal Health and Wellbeing (SHWB). There have been many iterations of such a group. (more)

Join Us

If you’d like to join our efforts by contributing to a working group, please contact us! We need all hands on board. Whether you can give 10 hours a week or 30 minutes per month, there is always a way you can contribute to these efforts.


All of us doing this work are volunteers, and all of these programs and projects are funded solely by the generosity of donors and patrons. If you’d like to make a contribution to this initiative, please visit our donations page.

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